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I have been taking Bar Method classes for about a year and a half. My awesome colorist told me about it and I called my daughter Abby and asked her to check it out to see if she would go with me. We saw how amazing the people on the website look and decided to give it a chance. After one class we were hooked.

I have never been a class exerciser. I play tennis and I walk. Bar Method has been wonderful for me both physically and mentally. I am in the best shape of my adult life. I don’t have to think about standing up straight as my back and shoulder muscles are strong and this is now natural…no slouching. My arms are nice and tone and not only look good but have made my serve on the tennis court much stronger. My hamstrings are tight and have improved my net play. The stamina and speed I have on the court is much improved and this is all due to Bar Method.

The daily exertion and stretching of my muscles help relieve daily stress and also helps me to sleep better at night. When I was on vacation this spring and missed a week of classes I could see a big difference in the quality of my sleep.

“It is amazing to me how after all the classes I have taken and how tone my body has become that I still struggle to get through thigh and how hard the arm workout is for me. But it’s a good hard. I love how challenging this exercising is for my body. This is what my muscles were made for. :)”

Pretzel is my absolute favorite exercise. I love the workout and the stretch I get after it. I also like the burn I get in leg lifts in thigh. I think I roll my eyes the most in thigh so that would have to be my love to hate exercise…I love the shaking because I know I am working my muscles but it is soooo hard to stay in for me.

I look forward to class and love all the new friends I have made here. The support and encouragement we all give to each other and get from the amazing instructors here is a highlight of my day!!! I love my Bar family!!

Mother and Daughter Duo A dynamic mother daughter duo, Hollee and Ellie, are incredibly hard workers and have such great positive energy inside and outside of the studio. Also, individually they each have such interesting and motivating back grounds that inspire us as teachers to want to work and push them harder.

We asked them:
1. How long have you been taking the Bar Method?
2. What are your successes inside and outside of the studio as related to the Bar Method?
3. What is your favorite love-to-hate exercise?

Ellie’s answers:
1) I have been taking the bar method for a little over a year. I started going as part of a strengthening program after a car accident. (Ellie was in a very serious car accident that resulted in a number of scary injuries and surgeries!)

2) The Bar Method has given me a lot of successes inside and out of the studio. Inside the studio, the Bar Method pushes me to try my hardest even at my breaking point. This mind frame and motivation has helped me to never give up in my own life as well.

3) My favorite love-to-hate exercise would definitely be the pretzel
Hollee’s answers;

1)I started taking classes at the bar method about a year and a half ago. My friend Jodi and I were looking for an interesting exercise class after the studio where we were going closed. I am so glad they closed ! The Bar Method has been much more effective, and pain free, program for me.

2) I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and I have knee problems. This is the only program I have tried that REDUCES my pain and increases my flexibility instead of causing me more problems. The positive effects on both my body and mind are unlike any other exercise regimen I have ever tried.

3)Like Mother , like Daughter – I would have to go with pretzel as favorite love to hate exercise.

Meet Megan Hardy! Megan Hardy

I am so excited for this opportunity!!

I have been taking bar for around 4 months. I have lost about 30 pounds since starting. More than that, this is such a stress relief for me. I am a manager and am on call 24/7. I am not allowed to take my phone into bar. I take that hour for myself. I am stronger than I have ever been. When I started, I could barely do 5 push-ups. I can do 20 now. I am still on my knees but I know one day I will be able to be on my toes. The instructors are all so encouraging but they still push you.

“Some places would have looked at me 30 pounds ago and probably not expected much out of me, but all of the instructors at bar have pushed me from day one.”

Bar means a lot more to me than just a workout. It is changing the shape of my body, and nurtures my mind. Kali is incredible and such a positive light to see in the evening after work. I had to make taking care of myself a priority. I was a leader without energy and that is not what I want from my staff so I had to make a change. I also have the beginning of nicely defined abs!

My favorite move is probably flat back. It is still so hard for me but I love the results.

Congrats Megan! We are so proud to be a part of your journey!